These Espanhouse House Rules apply during your stay at a Espanhouse property (the “Espanhouse”).


  • You may check-in any time after 3 pm local time and must check-out by 11 am local time. If you would like to check-in a little earlier or check-out a little later, please let us know as soon as possible by texting us at (+34) 622847551, emailing us at We’ll do our best to accommodate your request and will confirm any modified check-in and/or check-out time by text or email. Be sure to follow any additional instructions these changes may require.
  • If you overstay past your designated check-out time by more than two (2) hours, we reserve the right to enter the Espanhouse, remove any belongings and take further action as may be necessary or appropriate. You may be liable for any associated costs and for additional fees of €20, as well as any other related damages, fees, costs or expenses incurred by us (e.g., relating to our loss of a subsequent guest reservation or booking alternative accommodations for any part of the time that you overstayed).



The following are prohibited

  • We do not allow smoking of any kind (excluding on balconies or terraces), including but not limited to nicotine, tobacco derived products and/or cannabis derived substances (including vaping and e-cigarettes); breaking this rule will incur a €100 fine plus the cost to clean and deodorize the Espanhouse;
  • Parties or events;
  • Unreasonable numbers of guests including any that exceed the maximum permitted by law;
  • Number of overnight guests cannot exceed the maximum allowed for the unit, this information is posted on the website;
  • Excessive noise;
  • Audible noise outside of the Espanhouse after 9 pm local time;
  • Disturbing neighbors or invading their privacy or security;
  • Illegal substances or activity (e.g., involving drugs, the Internet, or otherwise, including illegal downloads or file sharing whether using our, your own, or a third-party device or Internet connection);
  • Pornography production or prostitution;
  • Dangerous or hazardous items (e.g., those that may increase the risk of fire or explosion such as candles or lighters);
  • Firearms and other weapons (except those rightfully possessed by on-duty or off-duty law enforcement officials or licensed security guards);
  • Placing of obstructions, signage, garbage, food, or personal items unattended outside the Espanhouse;
  • Creating unsanitary conditions (e.g., generating excessive trash or offensive odors, or attracting pests);
  • Making any change, modification, alteration, or addition whatsoever to the Espanhouse or its contents (including moving furniture around);
  • Soliciting or loitering around the space or building;
  • Commercial photography, film, or videography (without expressed written consent); and
  • Using the Espanhouse for any purpose other than for personal accommodation.


Guests. You may permit guests to occupy the Espanhouse overnight only to the extent authorized by us in writing and you must accompany and supervise such guests at all times. If you exceed any applicable maximum authorized number of overnight guests, then you will be liable to pay additional fees of up to 100% of your effective daily rate for each unauthorized guest and we may revoke or terminate your license to occupy the Espanhouse immediately. You also acknowledge and agree that we may require you and/or your daytime or overnight guests to provide us with documentation verifying your guests’ identity such as passport and other information.

Pets. Pets are allowed on request. Most of our locations do not allow pets. Violation of our pet policy results in a €100 fine, plus the cost to deep clean the Espanhouse and/or repair damages to the Espanhouse.

Supplies. We provide an initial supply of consumable household supplies and toiletries.

Houseware. We also provide linens and kitchenware for your use during your stay. Any such items that are removed from the Espanhouse will be charged to you in accordance with the Espanhouse Terms.

Amenities. Only those amenities that are described in your booking confirmation email are available to you. Please follow any instructions that have been provided to you or may be posted on the property. Your use of any amenities is at your sole risk. Guests younger than 18 years must be accompanied by an adult when using any amenities and other common areas.

Parking. Parking options and instructions may be provided in our booking confirmation email to you. Outside parking is free. If you or your guests choose to make use of any parking options, then you (and your guests, if applicable) must comply with all publicly posted parking signs and policies, and any other applicable parking laws. Espanhouse is not responsible for your or your guests’ non-compliance with such signs, policies, or laws.

Safety and Security. You are responsible for your and your guests’ safety and security. Please read, listen to, and comply with any fire, health, or safety rules and regulations which are provided to you, let us know of any condition in, on, or around the Espanhouse that you believe may be a fire, health, or safety risk to you or your guests, report to us any inappropriate conduct or behavior you or your guests observe in or near the Espanhouse (e.g., potential loiterers or squatters), and lock all windows and doors before you leave the Espanhouse. If you are experiencing a medical or other emergency, or believe you are a victim of or witness to a crime, please contact the nearest hospital and/or local police.

Reporting Damage to a Espanhouse. You must notify us in writing of any damage to the Espanhouse or any of its contents which occurs during your stay, even if you regard the damage as minimal or normal wear and tear, or if you do not believe the damage is your fault. If you do not notify us of any such damage, you will be responsible for such damage in accordance with the Espanhouse Terms.

Communications. There may be property management or other professionals unaffiliated with Espanhouse located on-site. Please direct all of your requests and communications to Espanhouse at the contact information previously provided to you.

Other Instructions. In connection with your stay at a Espanhouse, we may provide you with other written instructions applicable to your stay. Please follow those instructions, ensure that your guests follow them too, and call us if you have any questions.
As a reminder, you are solely responsible for ensuring that you and your guests are aware of and comply with the Espanhouse Terms and these Espanhouse Rules, including keeping the Espanhouse clean and tidy and in the same condition as you found it. We hope you enjoy your stay!


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